Lions and tigers and despair, oh my.

After a not so brief interlude away from Safari Camp Life which included a stay in hospital, the closing of the camp for the rainy season, and the untimely death of our good friend The Wonder Dog, D and I have been released back into the wild and are surrounded by the dust and bleached grass of the bush once again.


Following on nicely from my last post about having an inadequate pet, the following message was nestling quietly in my camp inbox. All italics are mine.

‘I was so sorry to hear about The Wonder Dog. I know how you must be feeling as my lion died last year and I’ve never really recovered.’

Lest I was about to throw myself off the nearest escarpment at our shared despair, there was good news:

‘However, we still have our 17-year old Bengal tiger who is in excellent health and we’re hoping he is around for many years to come.’

It’s good to be back.

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