Authentically Kenyan?

Sometimes some guests are so desperate for their trip to Kenya to be authentically African they lose all sense of perspective.

Pointing at the bow and arrow hanging on the canvas wall; “Is that African?”

At the hand-stitched, oversized leather-and-bead ceremonial necklace; “…and that?”

Closely examining the stretched hide shield and rusted spears; “…what about this?”

Wondering why anyone would think we’d be displaying artifacts from, say, Ecuador, I nod enthusiastically and confirm their suspicions; yes, it’s all from Africa, and unsurprisingly, specifically Kenya.

“And this?”

“Um, that’s a wine rack.”

“Yes, but is it traditionally Maasai?”

“The wine rack?”



‘I hope Kingasunye isn’t serving that Chardonnay shit with dinner again.’

“Um, not so much, no.”

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